Spring is well underway! It’s the perfect time to embark on a hike through nature, sip wine on the patio, and plant flowers in the garden

It’s also a good time to deep clean your home, as sunlight streams through open windows, illuminating some of those nooks and crannies that have collected dust over the months. 

While we clean our counters and floors on a regular basis, there are several neglected areas that need some attention on a seasonal or annual basis — like air vents, the space behind the fridge, the oven, ceiling fans, and those hard-to-reach shelves. 

Overwhelmed? Use this detailed room-by-room guide to streamline your spring cleaning process this year. And if you need some motivation, just envision the end result, which will leave you (and your home!) feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Overall Tips 
Declutter First: Before you begin the cleaning process, clear away any unwanted clutter so you can more easily maneuver through your home. Simplifying your home will create a fresh and inviting space — plus, there’s no need to clean items you don’t plan to hold onto! 

Start Up High: Start with the highest points in your home and work your way down, as dust follows the rules of gravity. Begin with the fan blades, door frames, walls and high shelves, and travel down, finishing with the floors. 

Go Room by Room: If you don’t think you can get it all done in one day (and that’s normal!), just tackle one room at a time, so you feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy the immediate benefits of fully cleaned rooms. And start with the rooms you spend the most time in, like the kitchen or living room. 

Get the Whole Family Involved: Many hands make light work! Get the whole family involved, delegating tasks to help the process go faster. Little ones can even help out! Here is a list of chores your kids can do, with age-specific ideas. 

Set Reminders for Seasonal Tasks: The key to a happy home is keeping it clean and maintained on a regular basis. Set reminders for repeating tasks you need to do! Here’s a list of weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual cleaning that should be done. 

Every Room 

Dust fan blades 

Wipe down walls, doors, door ceilings, windowsills and baseboards 

Clean overhead lights and light fixtures 

Replace burnt out light bulbs 

Vacuum and wash vents/registers 

Dust blinds 

Wash window treatments (drapes and curtains) 

Scrub windows inside and out (using one-part white vinegar, one-part hot water on overcast day) 

Sanitize door handles and light switches 

Replace air filters and smoke alarm batteries as needed 

Sweep/vacuum and mop floors 


Store away winter coats, gloves and other winter gear 

Straighten and organize shoes 

Clean banister or stairs 

Shake off indoor and outdoor mats, throw in washer if possible 

Wipe down inside and outside of front door 


Remove expired food from fridge and pantry 

Wipe down and organize pantry shelves 

Dust high surfaces, including above refrigerator, range hood, on top of cabinets, etc. 

Wipe down cabinets and appliances 

Deep clean oven, stovetop and microwave 

Deep clean inside and outside of fridge and freezer 

Move fridge, vacuum and mop behind it, and vacuum coils 

Degrease backsplash 

Wipe down countertops 

Sanitize knobs and door handles 

Remove everything from cabinets and shelves and thoroughly wipe down inside 

Use lemon or vinegar to deep clean sink, drain and garbage disposal 

Wash dish rags and sponges 

Shake out and wash floor mats 

Dining Room 

Dust China or dishware in cabinet 

Polish silver 

Wash and press table linens 

Dust and polish wood chairs 

Spot clean chair cushions 

Thoroughly wipe down table 

Living Room 

Dust and wipe mirrors, frames or artwork 

Wipe down shelves and bookcases 

Wipe down lamp shades and light fixtures 

Vacuum all upholstery 

Dust and polish wooden furniture 

Wash throw pillows and blankets 

Dust electronics 

Sanitize remote controls 

Wipe down coffee table 


Discard any expired medications, cosmetics and personal care products 

Clean all makeup brushes 

Wipe down mirror 

Wipe down sink, sanitizing sink faucet 

Clean vanity, including cabinets and drawers 

Organize and wipe down linen closet 

Thoroughly sanitize and scrub tub and shower, including faucets and showerhead 

Clean grout and tile 

Wash or replace fabric shower curtain and plastic liner 

Wash bathmats 

Dust decorative items 

Thoroughly clean interior and exterior of toilet 


Wash all bedding 

Wash throw pillows and blankets 

Tumble dry pillows 

Flip mattress 

Dust and wipe down nightstands and dressers 

Organize closets and drawers 

Dust decorative pieces 

Laundry Room 

Wipe down shelves and cabinets 

Wipe down exterior of washer and dryer 

Clean dryer vent and lint trap 

Deep clean interior of washing machine 

Vacuum and mop behind washer and dryer 

Organize laundry supplies 


Dust and wipe down bookshelf or built-ins 

Dust and polish wood furniture 

Dust electronics, including computer, printer, etc. 

Sanitize keyboard and mouse 

Recycle unnecessary paperwork 

Tidy up and wipe down desk 

Dust decorative items 

Playroom/Bonus Room 

Sanitize plastic toys with soap and water 

Wash plush toys 

Wipe down plastic or wood furniture 

Vacuum sofa and chairs 

Sanitize remote controls 

Wash throw blankets and pillows 

Happy Spring! 
From our home to yours, we hope you have a happy spring!

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