Smelly trash cans can really stink up your home environment! Here are a couple easy tips to remove bad smells from trash cans and other household items!

How To Remove Bad Smells And Odors From Trash Cans, Books And More…
Put a small handful of laundry detergent in the bottom of your trash can. It helps keep bugs away and controls the trash odor. Then when you are ready to wash your trash can, you already have your soap in it.

If you have musty smelling books or other strange smelling things, seal them in a plastic bag with cat litter or baking soda for a couple of weeks and the smell will go away.

Don’t forget: baking soda is great for absorbing odors so when you open a box for baking be sure and put it in an airtight container because otherwise it will sit and absorb all of the odors (like spices) in your cabinet or pantry. Sometimes, when you taste cookies someone has made and they have a little bit different taste to to them, it could be the baking soda.


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