How can I repair battery acid damage on a Caesar-stone counter?

A regular alkaline AA battery apparently leaked on our Caesar-stone (similar to Silestone) island counter top. If this is indeed the case, it has been left there for several weeks. It left a battery sized bleached area. It feels very slightly rougher than the surface around it. In real life it stands out even more than in the picture:

Interesting enough, when that area is wet the mark is much less apparent, almost invisible:

Reading on similar damage on-line it would seem that sanding the damaged area will not help, as the acid bleached the color of the quartz. I might try some gentle (800+ grit) sanding to completely smooth the surface, but that probably won't help with the color.

From the observation above (the stain almost disappearing when wet) I hope that a "wet-look" stone sealer might darken the damaged area without touching the non-porous undamaged surface around. Anyone had any experience with something of this sort? I'd really hate to have to replace the entire island counter top.

Note that the damage is in a part of the counter top away from the food preparation, so it should be only lightly used.
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