Hi Friends,

There is a huge huge Labor Day Sale happening and a lot of the high end (and lower end) kitchen equipment that I big puffy heart love are on super sale for only a few days. If you need any of these items to up your kitchen game, now would be the time to pull the trigger! Please note that I haven’t linked to anything I don’t already own (or have previously owned and had to get rid of because of our move to NYC) and since I test recipes almost every day, believe me when I say these items are the best of the best and will be worth the money invested!
Staub Cast Iron 4 qt. Round Dutch Oven– dutch ovens will last forever, especially a brand like Staub. Great for soups, stews or anything you’d like to braise. Every kitchen should have a dutch oven. Just make sure it doesn’t make it to the dishwasher. Any stain or marks on the inside or outside can be removed with a little barkeepers friend. On sale for $149.95, normally $443.00. BANANAS. Nordic Ware Aluminum Half Sheet Pan– if you want cookies that bake evenly, that are more prone to stay soft and don’t get too crispy around the edges, get yourself some light colored sheet pans. These lined with parchment paper are all I use for cookie baking and it has made a world of difference. If you are using a darker, nonstick sheet pan these will rock your world. On sale for $18.99, normally $26.50. KitchenAid Artisan 10-Speed Mixer with Tilt Head– total classic product to have in your kitchen. I had three of these before I moved to the city, sold all three because we just didn’t have the room. Not a necessary purchase, but such a nice thing to own! I recently purchased this exact one because we moved into an apartment that had the counter space and haven’t regretted it. On sale for $299.99, normally $499.99. Wusthof Classic Chef Knife– Really great, high quality knives. If you can afford it, get 2-4 of these higher caliber knives and watch how much more you enjoy cooking! On sale for $149.95, normally $187.00. I rarely see these knives go on sale anywhere, so this is really a great deal considering. Staub Ceramics 10.5″ Rectangular Baking Dish– I have this baking dish in white and use it for a TON of recipes! It’s the perfect size for just about any side dish and never goes out of style. Plus looks amazing on camera (for all my foodie friends who also take pictures of food on the daily). On sale for $24.95, normally $70. Vitamix Ascent Series A3300– This is the blender we own and just love it. Love the damper, love the size, love how effective it is and perfect for making super thick smoothies! Definitely quieter than the Blendtec, though does have a sharp blade in the bottom. A small trade-off. On sale for $449.95, normally $599.95. All-Clad Non-stick Frying Pan Set– We have the stainless steel pots and pans set from All-Clad, plus these two babies which we use everyday, mainly for eggs. These will last FOREVER if you use silicone or other plastic (read: non-metal) utensils as you cook. Add a little nonstick cooking spray and nothing will stick. On sale for $59.99, normally $90. (Use code KITCHEN19 for an additional 15% off) Pyrex 3-piece Measuring Cup Set– I love the Pyrex brand and love how reliable everything is. My Mom had these glass measuring cups for years, so when I got married and got a home of my own, I got my very own set. These should be a part of your kitchen equipment. They will last forever. On sale for $15.23, normally $21.49. KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-speed hand mixer– if you can’t afford a full on KitchenAid Stand Mixer, the hand mixer is a great alternative. It’s what I bought when we moved to the city. This is the most compact, quietest hand mixer on the market. Most TV cooking shows use this one because of how quiet it is! On sale for $39.99, normally $49.99. Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons– I bought cheap, plastic measuring spoons for the first 5ish years of my marriage and they always found their way to the bottom of the dishwasher. So, I finally got smart and got a metal set and haven’t looked back since! Metal is the way to go, plus OXO is a great brand. I know they’re just measuring spoons, but these are really great. On sale for $9.95, normally $16.99.

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