Garage Cabinets ideas

I just got my 707sq ft 3 car garage flooring finished. Its 206 deep and 346 wide.

I was curious if anyone had any good ideas for cabinet layout. General idea is the wall by my stairs will need Pantry type cabinetry for my wife and the far side with the windows to be a small work bench/counter with a large storage for my detailing/car supplies.

There is going to be a fridge on the front wall between spot #1/#2 unfortunately. Also a deep freeze on the far side by the spigot.

I will get rid of the wire type shelves and likely repaint the wall a blue/grey similar to one of the flake colors.

I am not by any stretch a mechanic/tinkerer but i would like to one day do projects with my son when he gets older.

I also plan on having 3 cars in the garage with the far space by the windows being the weekend/fun car.