Game changing ideas

There are words that creep into our daily conversation without us realizing it.  As a result, I’m guilty of using terms like “life hack”, “pro tip”, or “game changer” on occasion to emphasize a REALLY GREAT IDEA or way of doing something a little easier or more efficient.

One of my favorite REALLY GREAT IDEAS is to fold up the sheets and one of the pillow cases and storing them inside the other pillow case until I need them.  Another one, an oldie but a goody, was using diaper pins to hold all of the matching baby socks together in the washer/dryer – brilliant!

But most of the REALLY GREAT IDEAS that I use have to do with cooking and/or food preparation.  Last year, I shared the instructions for cooking corn on the cob in the microwave.  This has made a big difference in time and effort when I prepare my favorite summer salad.

Corn and tomato Salad.

The other day I was looking through the Kroger foods mailer and saw something that made me sit up straight in my chair.  It was an article was about ways to prepare corn on the cob, and the  best way to cut it off the cob.

In the past, I would hold the wide end of the corn against my largest cutting board while I used a serrated knife to cut the kernels loose.  While this method was effective on corn removal, it wasn’t the most efficient in terms of usable product.  I always seemed to get kernels all over not only the cutting board but also the counter tops, my clothing and the floor – making my kitchen look like a couple of pigs had gone wild in a corn field.

This article suggested putting the narrow end of the corn in the hole of a bundt* pan.  That way when you saw the kernels loose, they fall into the bundt pan instead of all over the cutting board, counter tops etc.

The images are the result of cutting EIGHT ears of cooked corn.  There were less that 1/2 dozen kernels adorning my cutting board and only one on the kitchen counter.


*It’s a BUNDT! – one of my favorite lines from My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Idea Photo by Juan Marin on Unsplash