Folding tables are super practical in a variety of different situations

They’re great when you’re short on space or when you need a certain amount of flexibility in your life when in comes to furniture. A folding table is excellent for a small or multifunctional space such as a living room that also serves as a dining area for example or an office that you also use as a crafting room. Furthermore, some folding tables are also portable which makes them amazing for picnics and outdoor gatherings. With all that in mind, let’s have a look at some models and decide together what the best folding table should look like.

1.Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table

Thanks to its simple design, the Lifetime folding table is super versatile and very practical in a variety of different situations. It has a slender but sturdy and durable base made from powder-coated steel. The top is made from high-density polyethylene plastic. It’s easy to clean and lightweight which is really great but definitely not its best features. What’s really cool about this table is that you can fold it in half and transport it just like a large suitcase. It’s perfect for picnics and other activities and really easy to store when not needed. Also, the height of the table can be adjusted. There are three different height settings to choose from: 24”, 29” and 36”. This lets you choose the perfect configuration for your specific needs at any given time. The dimensions of the tabletop are 48” x 24” which allows the table to comfortable accommodate 4 persons.

White Granite

Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table
The top is 1.4'' thick and the entire piece weighs 19 lbs (8.6 kg). It includes a carry handle for added convenience.

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2.Fold-in-Half Blow Molded Folding Table

This Cosco Deluxe table is really great too. It has a strong and sturdy structure without being overly large, bulky or heavy which is a big advantage for a folding table. Like the previously-mentioned model, this one folds in half and turns into a suitcase which makes it easy to transport it to various placed, whether it’s an outdoor picnic, a garage sale, a craft show or something else. It has a built-in handle which is very convenient and practical and it looks simple and elegant both both when folded and unfolded. You can use it indoor and outdoor and easily store it when not in use. When folded the table only measures 36.5″(L) x 29.6″(D) x 3″(H). It weighs 25.5 lbs (11.5 kg). A nice little detail that makes this table even more practical is the locking mechanism which keeps it closed and prevents it from unfolding when you’re transporting it. 

Comfort Handle

Fold-in-Half Blow Molded Folding Table
You can get this table with a black, grey or white top. 

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3.Lifetime 80733 Fold in Half Banquet Table

If you want a table that’s big enough to accommodate 8 people yet can also be easily folded and stored away when not needed, this might be your best option. The Lifetime Fold in Half Banquet Table is incredibly versatile which makes it perfect for large occasional gatherings, picnics and outdoor parties but also other situations. For example, you can use it as a desk in which case it would be able to hold two or three monitors and still leave room for accessories and peripherals. When folded the table measures 49.2″ L x 30″ W x 4.3″ H and weighs 41.4 lbs (almost 19 kg). It includes a carry handle for added convenience. It has a strong and durable construction and has impact-resistant corners for added strength. 

UV protected top

Lifetime 80733 Fold in Half Banquet Table
The top is 2.1'' thick and made from high-density polyethylene and the frame is made of alloy steel. 

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4.Fold-in-Half Round Table

Round tables can be folded too. This one is a great example for this category. Because it has a round top it creates a cozy and pleasant vibe, allowing people to feel closer to each other and to interact more easily. This type of table is great for board game night and casual gatherings in general. It was designed for both indoor and outdoor use which means you can safely take it outside on the porch or in the yard whenever you want to enjoy the fresh air. When you don’t need you can simply fold the table in half and store it in the  pantry, the garage or in a cabinet. When folded the table’s dimensions are 47.9″L x 24.6″ W x 3.4 H. It includes a carry handle for added convenience and it only weighs 22.8 lbs (10 kg). The tabletop is 1.69” thick and measures 48” in diameter when unfolded. 

4 Feet

Fold-in-Half Round Table
It's made from high-density polyethylene and it's stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can get this table in two colors: white and almond. 

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5.Lovinland Aluminum Folding Table

The Lovinland folding table has a major advantage over all the others mentioned so far: it only weighs 8.71 lbs (3.96 kg) which makes it super portable and versatile. Naturally, this makes it a bit less sturdy than other models but we think it’s totally worth it if you plan on taking this with you when you’re camping or enjoying picnics outdoors. Of course, you can also use this indoors if you need a surface for crafting or something temporary to deposit items on. This is also an excellent table to have around for entertaining or for game night. It’s easy to fold in half and to store and even has a convenient handle which lets you carry it like a suitcase. The table’s body is made of aluminum which is how it manages to stay so lightweight.


Lovinland Aluminum Folding Table
Its dimensions are 35.43''L x 23.62''W (90 x 60 cm) with three height settings: 21.65"/55cm ,23.62’’/60 cm and 27.56"/70. 

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6.Plastic Quik-Fold Side Table

This is a really cool and practical table which offers lots of advantages. It’s also very small which makes it pretty special. Because it’s made of plastic it doesn’t rust, rot or get damaged by moisture, stains and other things. That alone combined with the size is enough to make it an excellent side table for porches, patios and outdoor areas in general. Moreover, this little table can hold up to 25 pounds (11 kg) so you can safely use it to store all your meats and supplies when you’re outside preparing the grill. It’s simple-looking and attractive and it complements patio chairs and chaise lounges perfectly. Also, it comes in lots of different colors so you can definitely find one that suits your decor.

multiple colors

Plastic Quik-Fold Side Table
Whatever color you choose, it will stay bright and beautiful even when exposed to the sun. Of course, we wouldn't mention this table if it weren't foldable so that's yet another cool advantage to add to the list.

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7.3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set

Sets such as this one as excellent for picnics and other outdoor activities because they include not just the table but also a pair of benches to go with it. It’s perfect for backyard bbq parties, picnics and social gatherings. Everyone has a seat and there’s no need to worry about individual chairs, organization or anything else. The table and the two benches can easily fold in half. The table has a carry handle and the benches feature cut-out hand slots which are very convenient. Although they’re really great for outdoor areas you can also use the set indoors. The tabletop and bench seats are made from heavy-duty resin. They’re waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to stains and scratches. The table can hold up to 350 pounds and the benches can hold 200 pounds.

must have set

Resin 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set
The overall dimensions are as follows: 72''L x 30''W x 29 1/2''H for the table and 72 1/2''L x 12''W x 12 1/2''H for the benches.

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8.Office Star Table And Chair Set

The Office Star set is really nice as well. It’s a five-piece set which consists of a folding table and four folding chairs. The table has a square-shaped top and thin metal frame. The top is made of heavy-duty resin with a light grey finish. It’s waterproof, impact-resistant, easy to clean as well as resistant to stains and scratches. The metal frame has powder-coated finish and is slender and lightweight but also strong and durable. The legs have protective caps to prevent scratching the floor. When the table folds in half there’s a locking latch that keeps it secure during transport. It also has a built-in carry candle for added convenience and portability.

4 chairs and 1 square table

Office Star Table And Chair Set
The chairs are fairly standard and are made from the same materials as the table.

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9.Bi-Fold Granite White Plastic Event/Training Folding Table Set with 10 Folding Chairs

This set is the biggest of all. It includes a large folding table and 10 folding chairs. Given the proportions and capacity, this would be a nice set for large gatherings such as Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or birthdays but also for training courses and other such activities. It’s very practical and convenient, easy to set up and easy to store when not in use. Although quite big, the set is definitely portable. You can take it outside or use it indoors and it’s great either way. The table has 1.75” thick top which is waterproof, stain-resistant and super easy to clean. It folds at the center and has a white finish. When unfolded, the table measures 30″W x 96″L x 29″H. The chairs  have 18 gauge steel frames with a powder-coated finish, double support braces and protective floor caps. They’re black and measure 30″W x 96″L x 29″H. 

party set

Bi-Fold Granite White Plastic Event/Training Folding Table Set with 10 Folding Chairs
You can add seat cushions for added comfort if you want to. 

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10.Multi-Purpose Flip Table with Locking Casters

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose table that you can use for pretty much everything, this might just be it. This design seems to be just right. The base is strong and sturdy, looks interesting and has casters which you can lock in place if you want to. The top has good dimensions for a variety of different tasks and spaces and the best part is that it flips and turns from horizontal to vertical to save you space and to make storage easy. The resin top is waterproof and scratch-resistant and the frame is made of steel with a black powder-coated finish.

5-Feet Long

Multi-Purpose Flip Table with Locking Casters
This combination makes the table very convenient and practical as well as well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

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