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While kitchen counters often get a bad rep for being gathering grounds for clutter, this counter space is actually a perfect spot for adding style to the room with house decorations.

Kingston Brass offers a variety of useful kitchen accessories and fixtures that can help create a beautiful and inviting kitchen area. Paired with the right decor, upgraded kitchen fixtures and accessories can add stunning style to the home.

For homeowners interested in making the most out of their countertop space, the following quick guide will provide helpful tips on decorating kitchen counters.
Start with Organization
Any decor added to a kitchen counter will quickly become overwhelmed by the eyesore of clutter if the room isn’t organized first.

For this reason, the first place to begin when decorating a kitchen counter is by investing in the right organizational accessories.

The following are all some simple, fast, and effective kitchen organizational tips:
File away mail into a wall-mounted bin Move cleaners under the sink or locked away in a cabinet Mount a built-in soap dispenser into the kitchen sink Store bulky appliances in a pantry or cabinet
Once the countertops are cleared, decorating can begin.
Choose Decor that Matches Finish Tones
When adding a new decorative piece to a kitchen counter, a key to making the piece blend well into the room is by matching the tone of the finish of any appliances or fixtures.

For example, if the kitchen faucet features a brass finish, choose warm decor to match the warmth of the brass.

Conversely, if the sink and faucet are polished chrome, opt for decorations that are cool in tone.
Focus on Adding Life to the Space
One of the best ways to decorate a kitchen countertop is through the addition of plants. The following are all creative living decoration ideas for the kitchen counter:
A small herb garden An assortment of succulents A bonsai tree
Not only can adding plants to kitchen counters add life into the room, but it can also offer the perfect opportunity to grow ingredients that will later be used in the same space.
Invest in Smart Colored Lighting
Another simple way to add style to kitchen counters is through the addition of smart colored LED lighting. A strip of smart colored LED lighting can be installed directly above kitchen countertops, and depending on the time of day or the desired mood, the color of the lighting can be changed. A slow transition between colors can add a fun touch to the space.

Colored lighting strips are a perfect pick for white kitchen counters without a lot of natural lighting.
Shop Kingston Brass for an Upgraded Look
Kitchens are meant to be warm and inviting. Kingston Brass makes it easy to upgrade the look and feel of this essential room with an extensive catalog of premium faucets, sinks, and accessories. When redecorating the kitchen, adding a few new pieces at the same time can go a long way in giving the whole room a fresh look.

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