DWLLZA KITCHEN Large Airtight Food Storage Containers Bulk Food Pantry & Kitchen Storage Containers for Sugar, Flour and Baking Supplies 4 PC Set, Clear Plastic BPA-Free, Keeps Fresh & Dry


Thoughtful Functionality

Always wanted an airtight food storage container set to fit all your baking needs?
Containers that you would get maximum use out of?
Then youll love this 4-piece set! No dealing with food canisters too small to store anything.
It comes with a Higher Total Storing Capacity than most other sets.
This set Includes 2 Large Containers (3.8 Liters), 2 Small Containers (0.77 Liter). For All Your Kitchen, Pantry & baking Needs.
So no more buying multiple container sets trying to get the perfect size for your baking needs.
Organize your kitchen with food storage inspired by sense.

Maximum Freshness, Minimal Effort

Pasta or flour, snacks or cereal, coffee or rice, these air tight storage containers keep it fresher for longer without requiring you to
break a sweat! We believe creating an airtight seal shouldnt be a hassle. It shouldnt have to mean working little pumps or
making lids a nightmare to open. Our containers make life so much easier with their user-friendly lid-lock mechanism. Pushing
down the tab on the lid expands the silicone ring to create an air-tight seal. Lifting the tab and pulling it up easily opens up the lid.
So now you can access your foods and treats without any strain!

Here are more reasons to love the Dwellza Kitchen Medium container set:

Made using 100% BPA-free plastic for toxin-free storage.

Containers can be stacked on each other to save on space.

Extra-tight seal makes the containers great for spill-free liquid storage.

Never compromises the flavor of your food with a plastic taste.

Thick plastic ensures superior durability and sturdiness.

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Product Features

  • 4 SPACE SAVING STORAGE CONTAINERS: Our kitchen flour storage containers set comes in two different sizes. 2 large containers (16 cups /3.8 liters) the ideal size for a 5 lb bag of flour and sugar. 2 small containers (3.25 cups /.77 liters) which is perfect for storing other baking supplies or decorating ingredients!
  • ENJOY your meal with FRESH FOOD: Keep your foods fresh with our very easy to use airtight lid-lock mechanism. Our food storage containers create an airtight seal by simply pushing down the ring on the lid. Lift the ring and push up to open the canisters. The airtight seal is so secure you can store liquids without ever worrying about leaks!
  • MANY GREAT USES: These air-tight food-safe keepers are not only for flour and sugar, it is also perfect for storing other dry foods such as rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, chips, snacks, crackers, cookies, and pasta. Especially designed to fit a standard size pantry shelf allowing you to organize your kitchen neat like never.
  • GIVES AN ELEGANT LOOK ON THE COUNTER: With beautiful black lids and a clear body, the bulk rectangular airtight container canister set spruces up your kitchen while allowing you to easily monitor the contents. It is also stackable to take full advantage of vertical space for your counter, cabinet and pantry organization.
  • NO PLASTIC TASTE: Our dried food storage set is made using thick and durable plastic that never alters taste, is 100% BPA-FREE, and treats you to hassle-free maintenance. Bundle this set with other container from DWLLZA KITCHEN to create a full set of all sizes. Click add to cart now to keep your pantry organized, your food fresh, and your kitchen elegant!