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In case you missed it, I recently did an IG Live with Holly and Kristina from Lifestyle Kitchen Studio here in Grand Rapids. I’ve truly enjoyed taking you on this kitchen renovation journey, and partnering with Lifestyle Kitchen Studio. In our IG Live we answered some of your questions about the kitchen which I included in this blog post. Scroll down for the kitchen Q&A with Lifestyle Kitchen Studio below!

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Kitchen Q&A with Lifestyle Kitchen Studio Can we see the inside of the dishwasher? How often do you run the dishwasher?
For both Cory and myself this drawer dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel is perfect. We can typically fit a day’s worth of dishes in this dishwasher, and run it before we go to bed. You would be surprised how many dishes we can fit in this dishwasher. Also, one of my favorite features about this dishwasher is how quiet it is. Since our home is small and open-concept it’s been wonderful to have such a quiet dishwasher so we can work or sleep without distraction.
How much storage is in the banquette drawers?
The drawers in our banquette go all the way to the back so we can fit A LOT of items inside these drawers. We use one side for kitchen appliances we don’t use that often, and the other side for Wrigley’s food, treats, etc. We’ve loved these drawers instead of the typical bench storage in a banquette that flips up from the top. These drawers are easy to access and perfect for extra storage.
Can we see the secret outlet? Do you actually use it?
We use this secret outlet in our peninsula weekly for items like the toaster, hand mixer, or stand mixer. I love that it’s hidden and blends into the peninsula. Holly saw this idea from Courtney Shearer who’s a kitchen and bath designer in Atlanta. All of the designers at Lifestyle Kitchen Studio are accredited with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and they regularly attend events and stay connected through the online community. This is so important for staying educated in new products and engaging with other designers.
Is your countertop easy to clean?
We absolutely love our countertops from Premier Granite & Stone. The Silestone is very easy to clean, and I love the color with our cabinets and backsplash.
Can you talk more about the rug? Are there more in stock?
Lifestyle Kitchen Studio has an amazing showroom here in Grand Rapids with some fun designed spaces and accessories available to purchases. This rug is sold out unfortunately, but they have other accessories and rugs in their showroom. When Holly does a design presentation she includes accessory options specific your space to help with styling.
Are the two-tone cabinets a trend that will last?
The two-tone cabinet trend isn’t new and it’s something Lifestyle Kitchen Studio has been using for a long time. With doing two cabinet colors it’s definitely all about balance. This design concept can be used a modern or traditional kitchen. In our kitchen we have the darker cabinets on the bottom, and lighter cabinets on top to tie in with the open concept and shelves. We almost did white cabinets on the top and bottom, but I’m so glad we did this two-tone version.
What do you honestly love most about the kitchen?
I love the open-concept feel of our kitchen. Taking down the wall that connected the dining room and kitchen was essential to making this space feel bigger. Holly loves the collaboration of the kitchen, and the use of drawers in this space. Also, choosing items that work with the scale of our kitchen really makes the space work well.
Is there anything you would change about your kitchen?
In Holly’s original drawings we were thinking of adding french doors leading outside, but ultimately decided not to add them. I still think this idea might be fun to add later on.
I’m thinking of re-doing my kitchen…what’s the first thing I should do?
If you’re thinking of re-doing your kitchen, the first place to start is looking through Instagram or Pinterest to get some ideas. See what designs or ideas speak to you, but keep in mind that it might not work the exact same way in your kitchen. The next step would be interviewing some kitchen designers or seeing who your friends have used.
I love how you made a small kitchen look big. Can you talk about design for small kitchens?
When designing for a small kitchen it all comes back to balance and deciding what the priorities are. Since Cory and I love to cook it was important for use to add enough countertop space to prep, and also clean dishes next to the sink. Drawers also make a lot of difference in a small kitchen for storage, and one motion to open them up. We have also utilized drawer organizers to make the most of each drawer and prevent them from getting cluttered. Open shelves also help create a visual of a more open space.
I love how bright your kitchen is with the windows. How can I brighten up a kitchen that doesn’t have any windows?
With a kitchen that feels darker you can help enhance some brightness with materials and lighting. Make sure you have enough lighting in your kitchen like a light above your sink. With materials you can choose cabinets with glass fronts or lighter cabinets to help brighten the space. You can also choose a lighter backsplash to brighten up your space.
I hate having clutter like appliances on my counter. How can I find storage for this stuff when I don’t have a pantry?
Cory and I have utilized the banquette drawers for the small kitchen appliances we don’t use on a daily basis. We also use one of our large drawers as a pantry for snacks because it’s easy to grab and store items here. Holly has also done cabinets that go to the countertop with extra storage for pantry items. This is great for a coffee bar or to store your toaster.
I want a fun color in my kitchen, but not something super trendy? What would you suggest that isn’t white or cream colored for cabinets?
If you want to add some color to your kitchen, think of nature inspired colors or materials. The colors you see in nature can play well with other neutrals. You can start by thinking about your favorite color and balance it with a natural wood or stain. Don’t be afraid to make the space your own and use pops of color. You can also add color with accessories, wallpaper even appliances for your kitchen.
What are your thoughts on mixing metals? I see gold and silver and black metals in your kitchen. 
Mixing metals in a kitchen is a great way to personalize your space and make it unique. In this space we mixed gold and black tones with hints of silver. It’s all about balance when it comes to mixing metals.
Lifestyle Kitchen Studio – Design

Ashley Avila Photography – Photography

ETNA – BRIZO Litze Bridge Faucet with arc spout and knurled handle

ETNA – Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink White

Pinnacle Custom Cabinetry – Horizon Cabinets in Metro Gray & Designer White

Belwith Keeler – Hardware in Brushed Golden Brass

Fisher & Paykel – Appliances

Hudson Valley Lighting – Karin Pendant Aged Brass

Hudson Valley Lighting – Karin Wall Sconce

Premier Granite & Stone – Desert Silver by Silestone Consentino

Custom Surfacing Associates – Tile & Built-in Banquette

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